“We are a family of believers, dedicated to loving, caring for, ministering to, and praying fervently for one-another.  Giving all a sense of belonging.  We encourage each member to discover, develop, and use their individual spiritual gifts and natural abilities to their fullest potential to the glory of God.

As a church family we seek to nurture the spiritual lives of each other and assist one-another in reaching their full potential and becoming all that God would have them to be.  Thus enabling each one to impact their families, neighbors, and co-workers for Christ through lifestyle evangelism.  As well as through home based evangelistic Bible studies.

This has been, and is being accomplished through; vibrant worship, relevant expository Bible preaching, specialized small fellowship groups uniquely designed to meet the needs of those who comprise them, and personal one on one discipling by a mentor.  All of this done for the express purpose of bringing glory to God, and building His kingdom.”

“Being a family, To build the family!”